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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Announcing: "Grow Your Own" #39

Update 6 March 2010: The "Grow Your Own" roundup for this month is now online: .

I'd like to thank all the participants of last month's "Grow Your Own" roundup for making it such a successful event.  60+ participants is a huge number, for any kind of roundup!  This proves that such a little thing as Winter can't stop many of you from cooking with homegrown or foraged ingredients.  And for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, you are just now getting to the peak of your Summer harvest season.
So I'm sure that you are making even more dishes using homegrown ingredients.  When you post about these dishes, be sure to enter your post in our next roundup!  The rules are simple:

  • Make a dish that uses at least one item from your very own garden or farm and post about it. If you hunted or foraged, those items are also eligible. You can also use something that was given to you, but the giver must have personally grown or raised the item. If you paid for it, then it doesn’t count.
  • Anything edible that you have grown or raised qualifies, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouts, edible flowers, nuts, grains, legumes, dairy products, eggs, livestock, and anything else I might have forgotten. Produce from both indoor and outdoor gardens are welcome! Different regions will have different things available, so feel free to feature things unique to your area. (Rambutan trees, anyone?) We are all about celebrating variety!
  • Please make sure your dish is posted during the month of the event because we like to celebrate seasonal items. One post per blog, please.
  • As a courtesy, please include a link to this announcement in your blog post, and then update later with a link to the round-up.  A sample link would be like:
This post was entered into the "Grow Your Own" roundup, created by Andrea's Recipes and hosted this month by House of Annie.
Ready to participate? Because I and lots of other people would LOVE to see what you're cooking! To enter, just fill out the fields in this form:
And make sure to include a pic (no wider than 500 pixels) of your food as well!  The deadline for the February GYO roundup is February 28.
Aloha Nate
PS Anyone who's previously participated in a GYO roundup is eligible to host one.  I'm looking for hosts for March and April, so shoot me an email through the Contact link if you're interested.

Previous February GYO Roundups:

February 2008 GYO
February 2009 GYO


Andrea Meyers said...

Thanks for hosting again! I posted the info on IMBB and announced on Twitter and Facebook. :-)

Shaheen said...

Thanks for coming by and notifying me about the link to your blog, I was wondering where to forward the entry.

Its great to see you hosting again. I missed out on it last month.

Spot-On said...

I'll add mine

evolvingtastes said...

Nate, thanks for letting me know about the event! I have sent my entry in.

The Speeding Turtle said...

Thanks for emailing - I'll definitely participate! Just need to get some photos together. *Plots*

Katja said...

What a fun idea! I shall be entering forthwith. Thanks for inviting me. :)

Lynn said...

Neat idea for a roundup, Nate and Annie. I will try and get my link and picture to you tomorrow :) I made soup with homegrown rosemary, homegrown pumpkin, and even threw in a couple homegrown green onions I had stashed in the freezer from last summer. Can't wait to read everyone's entries.

Sharlene T. said...

Thanks for the invite. I did make a pasta sauce from last summer's tomatoes and peppers that turned out scrumptuous. Will post in the next few hours.

Claudia said...

Thanks for inviting me, I saw this too late and couldn't make the deadline. But I will subscribe to your blog and will definitely send something for March