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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Big Guide to Foodie Gift Guides

If the House of Annie’s Foodie Gift Guide and Rasa Malaysia’s guide weren’t enough, I give you guides from over 80 different sites, full of gift suggestions for foodies.

Here’s a Gift for You!


  1. The Foodie Gift Hunter, based in the UK, is a huge respository of foodie gift finds. You could get lost on that one site alone!
  2. Something We Dreamed shares a delicious list of mail-order foods, including a Rebuen sandwich kit from Zingerman’s that Oprah calls “an 11 on a scale of 1-5”.
  3. gives us their list of Green Gifts for Foodies, such as a Lodge cast iron pan that could probably outlive you.
  4. Fanny at picked out a list of under $25 gifts, including a 3-tier cooling rack to save you space when you’re baking up a big batch of cookies.
  5. Bon Appetit magazine published their list of must-have gifts for foodies. I like the “Space Invaders” ice cube tray :-)

  6. Dine Dish Delish came up with a list of different foodie gift basket ideas that you can put together yourself. I could use one of her “Grillmaster” baskets, actually ;-)
  7. The website “Fair Trade the White House” has a huge list of gift suggestions of fair trade products, including fair trade foodie gifts.
  8., part of the MSN network, has a list of foodie gifts for under $10. I like the cute farm animal-themed kitchen timers.
  9. The Sweet Tidings craft blog gives us her picks from the Home Chef Gift Guide.
  10. The Holiday season isn’t just about Christmas. shows us a list of tasty and kosher gifts for Hanukkah. I know I’d love some lox and bagels from New York!

  11. These aren’t technically holiday gifts, but our readers K&S from “Our Adventures in Japan” showed us some lovely Japanese foodie gifts that they received from a wedding reception.
  12. Dig Under Rocks, another craft blog, presents their list of foodie finds from ETSY, all under $40. I’m drooling over that one cookie collection.
  13. The New Zealand-based Pretty Clever blog has some pretty clever foodie gifts. The Milly’s Vegetable Twister is totally cool. You have to see it for yourself.
  14. Confessions of a Bookworm says don’t buy cheese for a foodie because cheese smells. While I don’t agree about that, I do like her list of non-cheese suggestions, including the Drinking Chocolate set which features no cocoa powder!
  15. The UK website Not Delia has their own list of Five Fabulous UK Foodie Gifts.

  16. The blog at has a baker’s dozen list of affordable or homemade foodie gifts. The chalkboard table cloths are a great idea!
  17. The Evergreen Moms list focuses on artisanal products from the Pacific Northwest. Can someone send me the DIY Mozarella and Ricotta kit?
  18. L.A. Splash magazine has a tasty list of foodie gifts under $15. Lots of chocolate ideas, including Hot Chocolate on a Stick.
  19. Australia-based Lifestyle Flossie, part of the Flossie network, shows off their foodie gift list. I am intrigued by the Wine Finer, which is an all-in-one aerator, filter, pourer, and stopper. Me likes!
  20. The site “Creative Christmas Gifts” is all about gift ideas for different intetests, like foodies. What foodie wouldn’t want a deep fat fryer?

  21. The Unconfidential Cook gives us her terrific cookbook recommendations over on the Bookstore People blog. “Lost Deserts” by Gail Monaghan gets a compelling mention.
  22. Beth, who Eats, Drinks, and Smiles in Tennessee, passes along her foodie gift ideas. Gimme that Kuhn Ricon Corn Zipper!
  23. The Retro-Modern Housewife tells us about her ETSY list of gifts for men, including Foodie Men. I think the Masculine Spice Rack is a great idea, but it should be BIGGER!
  24. L.A. Weekly suggests you stay off the road and just order from their list of online specialty foods stores. Zingerman’s is their top pick. I wonder why?
  25. Camilla Cheung, writing for the network, offers her list of budget gift ideas for the aspiring chef. The cupcake carrier suggestion – now that’s a great idea!

  26. Raging foodie “Dreaming in Meta” shares her wish list of foodie gifts. They’re mostly cookbooks, but she has a Shun 8” chef’s knife thrown in for good measure.
  27. Country Living Magazine gets in on the action with their Farmer’s Market Foodie gift list. How about the “Cast Iron Cookbook”?
  28. Check out The Foodie Forkful blog, which is doing a whole 45 days’ worth of foodie gift ideas. Did you know there was a board game called “Foodie Fight”? Someone, bring it over!
  29. LSD site (Love, Sex and Dating, not acid!) has a big list of gifts for every type of guy, including the Foodie Guy. I totally endorse getting your guy a smoker!
  30. The Chapters chain of Canadian bookstores selected their Top 10 picks of cookbooks for the fab foodie. I think Julie and Julia is a great read.

  31. The “Cooking with Anne” blog has a nice list of holiday gift ideas. I want Nigella to cook for me from her Christmas cookbook!
  32. has a wish list that is guaranteed to please the foodie in your life. I couldn’t agree more about the Silpat baking mats.
  33. The CafeMom blog presents their list of gifts under $10. Check out the cute Head Chefs Silicone Turner!
  34. Bee and Jai of the fabulous Jugalbandi blog posted their list of gifts for the Foodie, Photographer, and Fitness Freak. I love their list of Japanese knives.
  35. Jamie Dougherty, the SF Life Coach on, features food fanatic gift ideas, all made in California by small companies. You HAVE to get the Rancho Gordo heirloom beans.

  36. The Palm Beach Post’s food writer/snob, Charles Passy, gives us his list of Stuff He Likes. The DaysAgo Digital Food Counter is a brilliant stocking stuffer.
  37. Inside Jersey Magazine offers some unique foodie products, all from New Jersey-based producers. Nice to know you can get more than M2 plastique from Jersey. (Just kidding!)
  38. If you’re in St. Louis, MO, then you ought to look up the St. Louis Today’s list of local foodie gifts. Somebody please send me some salumi! Please!!!
  39. Look on My Gourmet Connections for their guide to Great Foodie Gifts under $50. I like the kitchen compost pail made of sustainable bamboo.
  40. Mandy in Toronto has Everyday Obsessions, including her favorite foodie suggestions under $50. How about that cute Sur La Table waffle set?

  41. Thomas Richie on the Siouxland Voice blogs his 10 Great Gifts for Foodies. I don’t like his BBQ Fork with Thermometer suggestion, but can’t argue with a KitchenAid.
  42. The Constant Chatter site has a Foodie Edition Holiday Gift Guide. It’s an eclectic list, but I agree with their CaliBowls suggestion.
  43. Although not specifically a holiday gift guide, Ken’s Wine Guide has a list of highly rated Cabernets, all under $50. Find a deal in the Charles Krug 2006 Cabernet.
  44. Single Minded Women’s Food and Wine section came up with their list of foodie gifts. Hey look! Another offer to adopt an olive tree!
  45. Did you know there was such a thing as a Disney Food Blog? Check out their list of Disney-themed foodie gifts!

  46. Project Foodie has a great list of foodie gift options. I like the “Wine Wars” game – kinda like Foodie Fight but focused specifically on vino.
  47. Judyfoodie from Culinary Escapade has a three-part series on foodie gifts, starting out with gadgets: gadgets, dinner/cookware and appliances. Those Trudeau pot clips are sure to make great stocking stuffers!
  48. The Santa Cruz Sentinel came out with their list of foodie gifts, sourced on the California Central Coast. Try some John Kelly Truffle Fudge Bites…mmm…
  49. The Guardian newspaper in the UK came out with their foodie wish list chosen by their own writers and editors. One of them even chose a tin of fabulous smoked anchovies! Okay, I’ll go with that.
  50. Kerry Lowe of the Nashua Telegraph reveals her list of foodie gifts, broken out by price. I highly recommend getting a digital food scale!

  51. British Columbia-based published a small list of Foodie Faves. All of them seem to come from one shop – one stop shopping!
  52.’s Nutrition Guide Shereen Jegtvig published her terrific Top Ten equipment pics for healthy cooking. It includes items seen on other lists, but also touts the FoodSaver vacuum sealer.
  53. The venerable New York Times has 5 separate gift lists created by their own food writers. Check out that Chocolate Wine sauce featured on Florence Fabricant's list!
  54. Our good friend Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen came out with a list of food blogger cookbooks that will definitely make great gifts for any season. Of course there's Steamy Kichen and Pioneer Woman, but there are many others that I was not aware of.
  55. Delphine Ephemera has a wonderful list of foodie favorites. I’m drooling over the Italian Black Truffle paste.

  56. The folks over at posted a big list of sustainable producers and products. But they also list of organizations, charities and community service to support as well.
  57. The lovely Sarah’s Cucina Bella blog presents her list of favorite gifts for food lovers. I think everything on it would be my favorite too!
  58. CNN came out with a short list of culinary gift ideas. Can’t argue with dry-aged steaks!
  59. shows up with another gift list – this one focusing on edible gifts you can make, or alternatively buy. I wanna try making some chocolate truffles.
  60. Gaby from the excellent What’s Gaby Cooking? blog shares her holiday foodie gift guide. I really want that Kitchen Aid Pasta Press!

  61. Maria and Josh from Two Peas and their Pod also put together their great holiday gift list. Everything they list is great, but I most want the Kitchen Aid Pasta Roller attachment. (Hm, I’m detecting a pattern here…)
  62. Julie Anne of Peanut Butter and Julie revealed her Favorite Things list. And what is her #1 favorite thing? Her own granola mixes. Cool!
  63. I just found out about the site It is a "shopaholic food fantasy". Every post is a new and interesting foodie item. You could seriously get lost on this site.
  64. Kathy over at the fantastic Panini Happy blog has a most excellent list of 10 gift ideas. Of course, there would have to be a panini press in it!
  65. Mike and Carol of Everyday Simplicities cooked up their own Top 5 gifts for the home chef. You'll want at least one of everything!

  66. Eric Braun, the beer columnis for the San Antonio Express, pours out his own list of gifts for craft beer makers. First thing on his list? Other peoples' beers.
  67. Not to be outdone, A Blog About Beer (seriously, that's the name of the blog) in New England has its own Top 10 Gifts for beer lovers. What's this game called "Cornhole"? Sounds naughty.
  68. Watch this video from the Gift Gal on the Today Show for the Hottest Edible Gifts (hottest edible gifts, hottest edible gifts) for the foodie in your life. I want that tea basket!
  69. Mainline Magazine presents their list of Tasty and Useful Gifts for Food Lovers. The whiskey stones which chill your premium liquor without diluting it are a great idea.
  70. There's an article on by Cherrine Banks aimed specifically at cheese lovers. Everyone who is into cheese should have some proper tools for cutting the cheese.

  71. Blogger Megan from Megan's Cookin' cooked up an extraordinary list of her 10 Favorite Things. I am intrigued by the Smokey Blue Cheese Truffles!
  72. There's an ETSY shop called LittleFluffStuff that makes cute felt toys, some of which look good enough to eat. Those felt Shanghai dumplings are wow!
  73. Sara Rich, an editor at, shows off her kitchen tools wishlist. I think every kitchen should have a Le Creuset dutch oven.
  74. The fun Bay Area blog Blame it On the Food shared their Cheapskate Foodie Gifts for 2009. Everything is under $25 (except for the Big Sur Bakery Cookbook).
  75. Uber-cool gadget site Craziest Gadgets unveiled their Gifts for People Who Cook. All of them are awesome, but I am ga-ga over the measuring cup with integrated digital scale. Somebody get me one!

  76. New York-based Wined & Dined compiled a list of their favorite gift ideas, shopping, and events. I like the Party in a Box idea.
  77. Another wine blog, Wines Gifts, put together a list of Top Wine Books for Wine and Food Lovers. "The Deluxe Food Lover's Companion" sounds useful.
  78. Chef Gusteau and Monsieur Anton over at the Cleveland-based blog "At the Pass" delivered 2 lists: "Shopping Ideas from Chef Gusteau" "Shopping Ideas for the Bar". They may be the best foodie gift lists in all of Cleveland!
  79. Fabiana Santana, A Girl Who Eats, stopped eating long enough to write her suggestions for foodie gifts. Hey, waitaminit - it's the same list as the one on Single Minded! Sneaky.
  80. The Fashionable Foodie rolled out its list of Kitchen Gift Ideas. Some very neat ideas, some of which I've seen on other lists. But I TOTALLY want that Mario Batali outdoor brick oven!

  81. Foodie-bia, the foodie surviving in suburbia, pulls out her own foodie gift guide.  The Le Creuset Heart Casserole would make a lovely gift!
  82. The Mindful Table blog in Montreal started a series of gift lists, the first of which is a Top 5 Recipe books list.  Get “Whole Grain Baking” by the King Arthur Flour Company.  Read it. Use it.
  83. The Delicious Sarah Gim of The Delicious Life gives us her list of 25 Cookbooks from Los Angeles Chefs. She would have done more but then it would have thrown off her grid pattern.  I think I’d eschew Roy Yamaguchi’s books for Nancy Silverton’s.

Do you have any more foodie gift guides to add? Leave a comment below and I’ll add it in!

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Food For Tots said...

This is really the most comprehensive list I have seen so far. Tks for sharing ;)

Kate said...

Thanks for adding!

judyfoodie said...

Hey! Thanks for adding me :) Amazing work on building this pretty exhaustive list! I will pass the word along. FYI part 2 has just gone up.

Mandy said...

Thanks so much for sharing my blog!! Happy Shopping :)

Christy said...

Thank you for adding my blog's gift guide! What a wonderful blog you have here!

K and S said...

Thanks for listing us :) Happy Holidays!

smile4me8p said...

wow, i don't think i've ever seen a gift suggestion list this long for anything! thanks for the fun links and helpful info!

Shelly @Experimental Culinary Pursuits said...

Wow, the most useful list EVER! How long did it take you to compile this?? :)

Thanks for this!

Tom said...

Thanks for the listing, Nate & Annie! Your recipes aren't half bad, either - even for a compulsive deep fryer like me.

Nate @ House of Annie said...

@all - thanks for your comments!

@Food For Tots - you're welcome!

@Kate - thanks for creating your list!

@judyfoodie - Yes, I saw Part 2. Very yummy list!

@Mandy - you're welcome.

@Christy - thank you!

@K&S - Happy holidays to you, too.

@smile4me8p - if only we were back in SJ so people might actually /get/ use some of these great gifts ;-)

@Shelly - a long, long time. But I hope it was worth it!

@Tom - hope you get to try some of our recipes out, even the (few) deep fried ones.

Sarah Caron said...

Great list! Thanks so much for including mine blog!

The Foodie Forkful said...

Thanks for including The Foodie Forkful! So many gift ideas, so little time....

Beth said...

Wow! This is so awesome-- I'll be using it to get ideas of my own. Thanks for including me in your roundup :-)

Anderburf said...

This is a great list with some wonderful companies! Another great company I discovered for gifts is Sustainable Sourcing They have these beautiful organic gift sets with Himalayan sea salt and organic peppercorns that are all made by Green-e certified wind power and they donate 5% of their profits to environmental causes.

gourmetconnect said...

Thanks for the mention in your guide ~ what a great list!

Kathy - Panini Happy said...

That is one amazing list! Makes me wish I had more goodies in my life to buy for :-) Well, they say the more the merrier - I've got a guide on too :-)

Fanny said...

Thanks for the mention! Great list!

Dani H said...

Absolutely fantastic list! It'll probably take me from now till Christmas to check out all the sites. Thanks so much for putting this together.

Megan said...

Thanks for the shout out and all the great links. I have a feeling this post could cause me to spend a little money. O-well, tiss the season. ;) I'm off to check out all these great links!

Julie said...

Wow! Thanks so much for adding Peanut Butter and Julie's Favorite Things to this fabulous list. You put so much work into this--impressive!! Happy Holidays :)

Erin said...

Wow! Great work compiling all of these sites. And of course thank you for linking to Yummery!

Janet @Gourmet Traveller88 said...

Wow, how can you get such a long list! Well done and thanks for sharing!

Hänni said...

Hi I'm here from Yummery (where I'm a contributor). Thanks for featuring our site and also, these links are fantastic. Great resource for foodies!

Jamie Greenwood said...

Thanks for adding my foodie gift ideas. And this list is awesome. Very extensive!

Jamie Greenwood said...

PS I've posted it on my fan page at

Jill said...

Thanks for linking to our Wined & Dined holiday gift guide! You've created a wonderful resource and I love your gift ideas. Happy holidays!

Baconista said...

Great compilation!! Just wanted to let you and your readers know thatif you tell @coolhunting your fav recipe using olive oil on twitter you can win free olive tree adoption from Nudo ($150 value) more info:

Les said...

Hi Nate, Thanks for your foodie list and for including

-Your blog is great!

CherrineB said...

Thanks so much for adding my Suite101 article link as #70.

Cheese dishes are common at parties ,so I wanted to give some easy to use ideas.

digital food said...

Thank you for useful information.

the Fashionable Foodie said...

RE: the Mario Batali brick and me both! Since I started eating real brick oven pizzas, nothing quite compares.

Though at $4k, you're bumping right up against the cost to have a professional mason build you a real brick oven in your back yard.

It's safe to assume it's not an items with high sales!