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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Restaurant (Sunnyvale)

Some friends of ours had recommended the Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Restaurant in Sunnyvale as a place to go for good Hong Kong-style noodles. I Googled them up and found they were also known for their dim sum. So we called up a couple of our friends and went there for lunch.

The restaurant is located in a little strip mall off of Lawrence Expressway, north of 101. Turn left when you see the Shell station and right into the mall. We arrived at 1 pm on a Saturday and there was a line out the door. Inside, a woman was busy taking names, assigning numbers, and yelling out the numbers of parties whose table was ready. We were seated after 10 minutes.

A cart rolls by and I choose the ha cheong fun, steamed shrimp wrapped in steamed rice sheets and drizzled with sweet soy sauce. The shrimp were good but the fun was not as soft as I like.

We also picked up a ha gau. The shrimp in this one was huge but again the skin was not soft or supple. Maybe it was overcooked or had been out of the kitchen too long.

We ordered the won ton tossed noodle and the braised beef brisket tossed noodle. The won tons were huge but the noodles, while appropriately thin, were not springy or flavorful. The beef brisket was tough, chewy, and nearly inedible.

We also had some other dishes like the Hainanese chicken jook (chicken was sweet but tough), chicken feet (nothing to shout about), siu mai, chive dumpling, and radish cake - all nominal. Even the dessert cart was lacking.

The only thing I was impressed with was the waiting line. Maybe the food could have been better, earlier in the day. The prices were okay - about $13 per head after tax and tip. But I think Dynasty restaurant on Story Rd near McLaughlin Ave in San Jose, while slightly more expensive, has better food.