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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Whole Foods (Austin)

Whole Foods Market is an international chain of grocery stores specializing in organic products. They are quite popular among the more health-conscious shoppers, but we don't normally shop at WF because they are a bit outside our normal driving range as well as our price range.

But since we're traveling, and WF's world headquarters is in Austin, what the heck.

The first thing I noticed when I got out of the car in the parking garage was the distinct smell of oak-smoked barbecue. At first I thought, does all of Austin downtown smell like barbecue? AWESOME! But it turns out that their smoker is somewhere in the garage.

The store is twice the size of a normal grocery store, and even though there are lots of shoppers, the wide aisles help keep it from feeling claustrophobic. We headed for the produce section.

Bluefoot mushrooms sold bulk. I've never seen bluefoots before.

There are counters all over the store selling hot and cold food items. With the location in downtown Austin, there are lots of people stopping in to pick up lunch. Annie scooped up some assorted salads at the salad bar while I picked up a grilled Reuben sandwich at the sandwich counter.

They have tables inside and outside where you can eat. They have all the utensils and condiments and even provide cups for water. Even better, they have free wifi so you can surf the 'Net while you eat. How cool is that?

After lunch we walked around the store some more and stopped at the bulk tea counter. They have various teas set out in little dishes for you to sniff, then you can buy as many ounces as you like. Here is a jasmine and chamomile tea that I thought had a great aroma.

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Anonymous said...

Love mushrooms. Wonder how the bluefoot taste ;P

Rasa Malaysia said...

I have never shopped at Whole Foods before, but it's opening up near my neighbourhood so I am soooo very excited and can't wait for it to open. :)

Jay said...

Nate, Whole Foods are the most gorgeous grocery stores I've ever seen. We have 3 here in the Seattle area (none in my shopping range, same as you) and I love just strolling the aisles.