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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fish Taco

Sometimes we get fish tacos from Rubio's just to have something different than your normal beef, chicken, or pork taco. But usually, fish tacos are made from breaded, fried fish. It's not so bad if the fish is fresh and breaded right before frying. But like most chain joints, you really get frozen breaded fish that has been nuked and then fried. Talk about unappetizing!

We had some tilapia fillets that I cubed up and and marinated in lime juice, orange juice, s&p and oregano. Then I pan fried the fish until cooked through.

Here's my fish taco, with a little of Jeremy's secret spice rub #2 sprinkled on the fish. Garnished with jack cheese, some pineapple salsa, and some sliced avocados. 'twas good!


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