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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Brittania Arms (San Jose)

Annie has a great taste memory of a visit to England where she had real fish and chips. The fillet of fish was so long it hung over the sides of the plate. The chips were fresh cut potatoes just out of the fryer. It was some of the best food she had there (notwithstanding the mushy peas).

Went to Brittania Arms on Almaden Expressway for some Fish n chips for Mother's Day lunch. This being Mother's Day, we were very surprised that there was only one other occupied table in the whole restaurant. Annie got the two-piece fish with chips. The cod fish fillets were huge! The breading was nice and light, and the tartar sauce worked well. The "chips", though, were totally lame.

I opted for the Cornish Pastie. It's a huge meat pie filled with savory ground beef. The gravy on the mashed potato tasted like it had kikkoman soy sauce in it. The veggies were appropriately (for British food) boiled tasteless. Both dishes were too much for us to finish in that sitting.

We were about to leave when Annie observed one of the waitresses holding four drinks in her hands, trying to back out the door to deliver those drinks outside. She looked down, spied something in one of the drinks, and set two of them down on a nearby table. She then proceeded to fish whatever she saw out of the drink with her fingers, wiped her fingers on her shirt, and took the drinks outside!


I know you have to close one eye when you go out to eat, but doing this right in view of your customers! That is just a little too uncouth, doncha think?!


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Anonymous said...

I so wanted to try that fish and chips before you gave that secret away on what the waitress did...yikes!