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Friday, May 01, 2009

“Grow Your Own” Roundup #27

GYO 27 Collage We are thrilled to be hosting the “Grow Your Own” recipe roundup this month! “Grow Your Own”, created by Andrea of Andrea’s Recipes, features dishes using ingredients which have been raised in our own gardens or have been foraged. This edition of GYO features 27 different dishes from 5 different countries.

I’m so excited to have such a great turnout! This, in what is early Spring for most of the Northern Hemisphere. Also, many of the entries are from first-time participants. It’s wonderful to see the whole range of what we can do with ingredients available to us right now.

So, on to the roundup! (presented somewhat alphabetically)

GYO 27 Baked Garlic Mash Potatoes Andreas Recipes Andrea of Andrea’s Recipes
(Virginia, USA)
Baked Garlic Mashed Potatoes with fresh parsley, sage, thyme, and chives from her new garden beds.
Claudia from Standing Straight
(in my home state of Hawai’i, USA)
baked these
Queen’s Surf Banana Muffins
using apple bananas, lemons, and macadamia nuts grown in their awesome tropical garden.
GYO 27 Banana Muffins Standing Straight Claudia Riley
GYO 27 Borage Parcels Mediterannean Cuisine Teleri Williams Teleri of Mediterranean Food
(Languedoc, France)
fried these
Borage and Cheese Parcels
using Borage leaves picked from her garden.
(I never knew you could eat the leaves!)
Nancy from Chapman’s Landing
(Ontario, Canada)
took some chives, garlic shoots and mint from her garden to create this cool
Chive, Garlic & Mint Raita.
GYO 27 Chive Garlic Mint Raita Chapmans Landing Cooking Studio Nancy
GYO 27 Clay Pot Chicken Grow Cook Eat Julia Julia, musing at Grow. Cook. Eat.
(Massachusetts, USA)
harvested some scallions to garnish her
Claypot Chicken Rice dish.
(Nice job!)
Bee and Jai, the bloggers behind Jugalbandi
(Northwestern USA)
threw together a
”Clean up the Fridge Quiche”
which included a parsnip that had survived the Winter in their veggie patch.
GYO 27 Clean Up the Fridge Quiche Jugalbandi Bee and Jai
GYO 27 Eggplant Parmesan Playing House Amy Amy at Playing House
(Oregon, USA)
tossed some homegrown Italian flat-leaf parsley in her
Lightened Eggplant Parmesan casserole.
Sarah of
Eating, Drinking and Other Adventures
(California, USA)
combined fresh garden peas with asparagus to make this
Farro Salad with Green Spring Vegetables.
GYO 27 Farro Salad Eating Drinking Other Adventures Sarah
GYO 27 Garden Fresh Panini Good Life Eats Katie Katie from Good Life Eats
(New Mexico, USA)
already has tomatoes and basil in her garden (I’m so jealous!)
which she put to use in a delicious
Garden Fresh Panini.
Nichole at Evening Shade Morning Latte
(Texas, USA)
found inspiration from her garden-grown basil, oregano and rosemary to top her
Garden Herbed Grilled Chicken Breasts.
GYO 27 Garden Herbed Grill Chicken Breasts Evening Shade Morning Latte Nichole
GYO 27 Knotweed Crisps Garden Bytes Ellen Garden Expert Ellen, of
Garden Bytes from the Big Apple
went rural to forage for knotweed, which she used to create this
Knotweed Crisp dessert.
Brandy, the Prudent Homemaker
(Nevada, USA)
recreated her favorite
Museum Pasta Salad
using homegrown sugar snap peas and green onions.
GYO 27 Museum Pasta Salad The Prudent Homemaker Brandy
GYO 27 Nabe Ryori Momgateway RPM The MomGateway
(Oklahoma, USA)
used green onions from her garden in
Tofu and Veggie Nabe
which is a Japanese-style one pot dish.
My friend Saara who is
Feasting in the Skagit Foodshed
(Washington, USA)
bravely foraged for Stinging Nettles to create her
Nettle Pasta.
(You go, girl!)
GYO 27 Nettle Pasta Skagit Foodshed Saara
GYO 27 Potato Leek Soup Feast for the Eyes Debbie Debby from Feast for the Eyes
(California, USA)
whipped up this kicked up
Spring Leek and Potato Soup
flavored with thyme and chives from her garden.
Another forager, Amy of Eggs on Sunday
(New York, USA)
discovered ramps on her property, which she cooked on top of a
Ramp, Bacon and Ricotta Tart.
GYO 27 Ramp Bacon Ricotta Tart Eggs on Sunday Amy
GYO 27 Ramp Fritters Constables Larder Giff Another ramp recipe comes from
Giff of the Constable’s Larder
who went foraging with other New York food bloggers and came back with enough ramps to make these
Ramp Fritters.
The talented Soma of eCurry
(Texas, USA)
collected rose petals from plants around her home to make
Rose Petal Honey.
GYO 27 Rosemary Garlic Chips Homemade Grits Lesley Lesley at Homemade Grits
(Georgia, USA)
channels the Pioneer Woman with her
Rosemary Garlic Chips
using a rosemary sprig picked from her garden.
Nichole of Evening Shade Morning Latte
offers us a second GYO entry,
Sage Butter Stuffed Chicken Breasts.
Fresh garden sage went into both the sage butter suffing as well as the sauce.
GYO 27 Sage Butter Sutffed Chicken Breasts Evening Shade Morning Latte Nichole
GYO 27 Spinach Salad Food and Laughter Priyadarshini Narendra

Priyadarshini at Food and Laughter
(Gurgaon, India)
harvested some baby spinach from the backyard to make her favorite
Garlicky Baby Spinach Salad.

Todd and Diane,
the White on Rice Couple
(California, USA)
bonded over a cookbook, from which they made this
Spinach Salad with Vermouth Vinaigrette
using homegrown spinach.
GYO 27 Spinach Salad Toasted Almonds White on Rice Couple Diane
GYO 27 Spring Tonic Dandelions and Rice Crispy Cook Rachel Rachel the Crispy Cook
(New York, USA)
rooted up some dandelion greens from her garden to create this
Spring Tonic with Dandelions
Ning over at Heart and Hearth
(Manila, Philippines)
harvested some of her lemongrass to add to her
Thai Tom Yum (Prawn) Soup.
GYO 27 Tom Yum Soup Heart and Hearth Ning
GYO 27 Turnip Greens Pasta Gradually Greener Amelia Amelia from Gradually Greener
(Washington, D.C., USA)
harvested turnip greens from her community garden plot, which her friend Teya then cooked into
Pasta with Turnip Greens and Prosciutto.
Tamra of Eat Seasonally
(Tennessee, USA)
used fresh kale as well as basil and tomatoes from last year’s crop to make
White Bean and Kale Soup
GYO 27 White Bean and Kale Soup Eat Seasonally Tamra Stallings
GYO 27 Hong Siew Braised Tofu House of Annie Nate And Finally…

Annie from House of Annie
(California, USA)
used green onions from the garden bed to make this
Hong Siew Braised Tofu in Wine Sauce.

Whew! That is quite a roundup! I’d like to thank each contributor for their entry. Every one is interesting and delicious.

I’d also like to thank Andrea for letting me host this month’s Grow Your Own. It was so much fun, seeing all the food bloggers out there coming up with dishes to use their homegrown or foraged food. One thing I’ve learned, though, is to get started on putting together the round up post much sooner! ;-)

As the weather warms up here in the Northern Hemisphere, I’m sure more of you readers out there will be creating dishes featuring your own homegrown or foraged food. Wanna enter the next “Grow Your Own” roundup? The hosts of the next GYO roundup are the folks over at Daily Tiffin. Watch for their anouncement soon.

Aloha, Nate

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Keeper of the Home said...

I am so honored that you allowed my recipes to be featured. I am in awe of the other recipes. This proves certainly that there are a ton of great culinary artists out there waiting to be discovered.

Katie @ goodLife {eats} said...

Everything looks fabulous! Thanks for a great roundup!

Soma said...

I always look forward to the GYO round ups.. gives me ideas with my patch... tho the struggle with the bunnies continue..
thanks for letting me participate!

bee said...

thank you for hosting this.

s. stockwell said...

What an incredible collection of great ideas!! We loved you tofu dish so much! Good one!! Best from Santa Barbara, s

Rachel said...

Nettle pasta sounds fabulous. Thanks for putting together such a nice roundup.

Carolyn Jung said...

The rose petal honey is as beautiful as a bouquet of fresh-picked the flowers. Who knew about knotweed? And the "Clean up the fridge'' quiche is priceless. Thanks for sharing such inspiration and such wonderful dishes.

Andrea Meyers said...

Great turnout and some yummy dishes to try. Wonderful round up! Thanks so much for hosting this month!

momgateway said...

Loved your GYO Roundup -- best presentation I've seen yet. Excellent job! Thanks for hosting.

Tuty said...

This inspires me to grow some herbs in my tiny patio :-)

Claudia said...

What a great collage of photos. Thanks for including me in a terrific roundup of recipes.

Lando said...

What a great selection of recipes. I definitely want to try your tofu recipe. It’ll give me a chance to work with something I enjoy eating, but have never tried making a dish out of.

Claudia said...

This was a good dinner - made it last night, but with shallots and asparagus as I didn't have any green onions. I'm always looking for good ways to use tofu.

Ellen Zachos said...

This is an inspiring collection, thanks so much for putting it together. I can't wait to get cooking!

Pearl said...

i like this roundup of home-grown items! how cool!

Elaine said...

My spinach did not grow in time for me to join last month's roundup unfortunately. But the number of people who participate along with their yummy food is quite amazing! :D Kudos to you and all your participants!

Ning said...

Delicious round-up! Thanks for hosting!

Sippity Sup said...

Beautiful round-up! I soooo wish I had enough sun so I could actually grow something! I am trying diligently with my potted tomatoes. But lugging those big heavy pots all over the yard trying to catch whatever rays where they may fall, is killing my back! GREG

Nancy Guppy said...

Thanks for hosting this fun round up. I love the collage. I live quite far north (3.5 hours north of Toronto, Ontario) so it is a bit difficult to have fresh seasonal food to play with.... things are just starting to pop up around the property. We still had snow at Easter! I am envious of the New Mex woman who has the tomatoes!!

My Asian Kitchen said...

oh!! I miss the GYO.Last year during summer I joined this event each round until Fall when all my plants die.Now I rebuild a new vegetable garden and look forward for this event again.I'm going to join next round up!

Kana said...

Can't wait for the next one. When is it?

Nate @ House of Annie said...

@all - thanks for your comments! And thanks to all who participated. It's the diversity of recipes that makes this roundup so special.

@soma - your rose petal honey is so simple yet so inspiring.

@s.stockwell - I'm so glad you made it!

@momgateway - wow, thanks for the compliments!

@Tuty - there's nothing like fresh homegrown herbs to toss in a dish.

@Lando - I hope you do try it... and any other recipe here that piques your curiosity.

@Ellen - thanks for sending along your recipe. I've never heard of knotweed until I found your site.

@Elaine - too bad! Hope you can cook something up with your spinach this month.

@SippitySup - You should find some kind of dolly or platform with casters so you can roll the plants around. You won't be able to move them once they get staked up.

@My Asian Kitchen - would love to see your entry!

@Maya - The next roundup will be hosted by The Daily Tiffin . The deadline would be May 30. Check their site for more information.

Single Guy Ben said...

This makes me sad that I have no garden. Not even a patio with a potted plant. :( Still, lots of inspiration for homecooked meals! :)

Nate @ House of Annie said...

@SingleGuyBen - ah, but you can forage!

Mrs. L said...

What an awesome roundup. Great recipes and great new blogs to follow.