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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Updates to blog

After the upgrade to the New Blogger in December, you notice there haven't been many posts to this blog. It's not because we haven't stopped cooking. Far from it!

I use the Picasa software to manage my photos because it's easy to use and it has the "Blog This!" feature that allows me to upload to Blogger directly from the application. But ever since the upgrade to the new Blogger, I've had problems posting. I would post a long entry with multiple pictures, hit Publish, and watch the pictures upload. Then, nothing. No posts show up on the actual blog! Very frustrating.

So I haven't been posting that much, waiting and hoping that the Blogger folks will fix the problem. In the mean time, much cooking has happened and the pictures and posts are backing up. So I decided to just bite the bullet, try to get as many posts uploaded as possible, and do the rest from the web interface. Que sera, sera.

Hopefully I'll be able to catch up.

New item: I've replaced the boring Label List widget with the more hip Label Cloud code from Widget-based. Hope you like it.