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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Restaurant (Sunnyvale)

Some friends of ours invited us to the Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Restaurant for a celebration dinner. We've been here before for dim sum (and weren't that impressed) but not for dinner. Would this experience turn out better?

Steamed chicken with ginger sauce. Very nice - tender, tasty, and cooked just right. The sauce was perfect. Annie thinks it was a free-range bird. I don't Chinese restaurants do free range birds?

Spicy beef with peas. The beef had just the right amount of heat from some sliced chiles.

Fresh shiitake mushrooms with gai choy. I liked this dish because the gai choy were young, sweet and crisp. Usually, the gai choy in this dish are old, bitter, and overly fibrous.

Dungeness crab coated in flour and deep fried. The crab were sweet, sweet, sweet!

Not seen were other delicious dishes including the opening cold plate and the mango pudding dessert. I have changed my opinion of this restaurant. The food is good. It probably deserves the crowds out the door each day. But it is more expensive and farther away for us than Dynasty Restaurant on Story Rd or East Lake Seafood Restaurant on White Rd.


1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you gave it a second chance. Risky, but it turned out worth it in the end :)