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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Athena Grill again

We went back to Athena Grill, and took along some friends. Appetizer pita was served with hummus, tirokafteri, meltizanosalata, and tzatziki dips. All but the hummus were delicious. The tzatziki was especially laden with garlic.

This is our friend's moussaka. He said it was pretty good.

This is the Greek Grill Special that Annie and I shared. Beef, lamb, and chicken souvlaki, dolmades, and spanakopita. The lamb and chicken were good, but my beef was a bit on the dry side. I liked the dolmades but I thought the spanakopita wasn't particularly tempting.

Too bad there wasn't any braised lamb tonight. Dessert was baklava but we subbed with the ekmek. The total for me, Annie, and the kids was under $20 (!!!) and we were quite full at the end.



Anonymous said...

Hi! Great RECIPES, congratulations for the blog too...

Many many greetings from the 1st italian barbecue fans community and happy Spring to all BBQ lovers!

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Rasa Malaysia said...

I love Greek food once in a's "different." But I would choose Malaysian food over any other cuisines anytime, well, I guess Chinese and Malaysian cuisine are equal in my culinary dictionary. :)