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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Broasted Chicken and Asparagus

We love chicken. Especially fried. But Annie hates frying and besides, no fried chicken here tastes as good as what you can get back in Malaysia. Still, there are other ways you can get crispy skin with tender, juicy meat.

Seasoned some chicken thighs and drums with salt, pepper, and Jeremy's Secret Spice Rub #2, then broiled for 6 minutes each side before roasting at 350* for 10 more minutes. That spice rub is the bomb! Served with steam-fried asparagus and chicken rice



Jay said...

Oh crap. Malaysia? You meant Alabama, right?

mmiissee said...

Where can I find Jeremy's Secret Spice Rub #2 in Hawaii? I tried googling it, but didn't find anything.

Nate @ House of Annie said...

Hi Mmiissee,

Jeremy is our friend from Houston. He sells his spice blend at markets there. I don't know if he's set up to sell over the Internet.

In Hawaii, you'd probably have to use a good, no-salt spice blend.