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Friday, May 04, 2007

Chuy's 183 (Austin)

We recently took a trip to Central Texas to see friends and family. Our first stop was in Austin, and our first meal there was at Chuy's, a Tex-Mex chain restaurant that is pretty popular with the locals. When we arrived, we had to wait for almost half an hour before getting our table. At least there were free chips and salsa being served by the bar (out of the trunk of a classic car).

Out front there is a shrine to Elvis Presley. Inside, the walls are covered with photos and paintings of dogs. Very interesting decor.

Annie and I shared the Elvis Presley Memorial combo. It comes with three different enchiladas - the beef Tex-Mex, the cheese ranchero, and the chicken tomatillo enchilada, each with different sauces. It also comes with a crispy taco and chile con queso.

Annie liked the chicken tomatillo enchilada but I thought the chicken was too dry. I liked the beef.

Overall I'd say it was all right as far as chain restaurant-type food goes. With such a busy place, the service slowed down somewhat. The crowd and the noise makes it a bit unfriendly for kids.



Jay said...

Alright, now Ive got a problem. We have a little place here in Seattle called Mama's Mexican Kitchen. Elvis is everywhere in that damned place and I thought it was terribly original. Now I'm starting to wonder. how long has Chuy's been around? mama's has been a client of ours for over 15 years.

Nate @ House of Annie said...

They started with a velvet Elvis in '82.